Alberta Fitness Insurance

When you run a business, having the proper Fitness Insurance is a necessary component to shield you and your staff from the many areas of potential claims you face. Whether you have a large fitness facility or you are a personal trainer, getting the proper risk management program in place is absolutely necessary for the longevity of your business.

You and your staff work closely with your clients everyday towards their better health:

  • You push them physically
  • Come into close contact with them
  • Advise them on regimen and diet
  • Advise them on equipment usage and safety

These are unique risks to your business and you need Gym Insurance that can cover you on these fronts plus all of the normal areas of risk such as:

  • Workers Compensation
  • General Liability Insurance to provide cover coverage for
    • Bodily injury and property damage - your facility may be deemed liable for if someone slips or falls on premises
    • Tenants legal liability - for coverage for non-owners of the building
    • Voluntary medical payments - such as ambulance costs
    • Coverage for personal trainers and/or nutrition services
    • Sexual misconduct and physical abuse liability
    • Defence costs - due to lawsuits being brought against you
    • Reputation and advertising liability - which may result if someone sues due to use of an advertising idea and felt it was stolen
  • Building and personal property coverage for
    • Contents of the premises like fitness equipment, retail items, etc.
    • Building coverage should you own the premises
    • Equipment breakdown coverage
    • Crime losses for theft of monies and valuable property
  • Business Interruption Coverage for loss of revenues and operating expenses for a specified period of time in the event that the facility becomes inoperable due to a covered peril such as fir

A proper Fitness Insurance policy in Alberta will protect your health club and/or fitness business for much less money than you'd expect. And the protection that it provides can be the difference between success and failure. Many fitness clubs have expanded their business adding programs such as:

  • Juice bars and food services
  • Day care services
  • Sauna's and hot tubs
  • Tanning and spa services
  • Yoga, group training sessions, cross fit, and more

With changes and additions like the above list your may or may not be covered. It is imperative that business's work together with their insurance broker on an annual basis (at minimum) to make sure any changes in operations are reflected in their business insurance policy. Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. takes this matter with great pride and making sure we do a regular review of operations. Not following this protocol can leave you left uncovered with a potentially high financial loss. Even unwarranted claims can hamper your ability to do business as the costs to defend your health club can jeopardize its health.

Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. will guide you and ensure your Gym Insurance program matches your specific needs.

You will have:

  1. Peace of mind and reduced stress knowing you are protected for all coverage's needed
  2. Prompt and convenient policy quotes, changes, and yearly renewals
  3. A dedicated program customer service representative for best practice servicing of your account
  4. Your choice of face to face appointment interaction, or interaction through phone, email, fax, and online
  5. Claims handling by reputable and experienced claims departments
  6. Competitive pricing

Alberta Gym Insurance is available to all owners of health and fitness clubs and personal trainers in Alberta and incorporates both traditional insurance and club-specific lines of insurance so that owners can remain focused on growing a thriving health business.

Two Reasons to Get Started Right Away!

  1. Before the next workout session takes place, make sure that you and your trainers are protected from all claims. You don't want one unwarranted claim to close your gym.
  2. You can get a no-risk quote right away. Just fill out this short form and we'll get back to you within a day with an affordable policy that you can put into place immediately.