About Us

Mission Statement

Bridge Financial is focused on becoming one of Alberta's leading providers of financial services and insurance products. By providing an integrated suite of financial products in each of our locations we believe that we can provide a focused and cost effective approach to long term financial planning and risk management.


Customer Service: Our objective is to provide value added service to our customers. We act with integrity, honesty, professionalism and we treat personal information with the utmost confidence. We love to hear about how we have helped our customers; we also love to hear how we can help them more.

Development: We invest in our employees. Bridge invests time, professional development and feedback in our employees. In order to grow our business and increase value to our customers, we need to continually develop our employees. Coaching, communication, collaboration and culture are the corner stones of attracting and retaining talented and engaged employees.

Giving Back: We believe in partnering with businesses and organizations that are an active part of the community. Our locations are well established, have strong relationships and history in the communities they reside in. We want to contribute to the communities we do business in.

Innovation: Bridge is constantly searching for new products and services to offer in its locations. We also continue to look for more efficient ways to interact with our customers and product partners


We Are An Independent Brokerage

As an independent insurance brokerage Bridge Financial is able to provide a comprehensive and flexible suite of personal and commercial insurance products from several of the most recognized insurance companies in Canada. Compared to a direct agent who offers a single suite of products from a single insurer, we can provide a more comprehensive program at a more affordable price.

Our Process

At Bridge Financial we look at our service as a process and not an event. Risk management planning is one of the most important steps to take to ensure the protection of your family or the longevity of your business.

1. Assessment and Planning: We complete an in depth assessment of your personal and business circumstances including a review of your current insurance program. By linking your circumstances and your risk management objectives, we will help you build a risk management plan including deductibles, coverage and limits. 

2. Research: The risk management plan is then marketed to a series of appropriate insurance companies that offer products aligned to your needs.

3. Quoting: Based on the appetite for the risk associated with your profile the insurance companies may provide a quote on the program, this may include discounts for bundling of products.

4. Binding: After reviewing the pricing and coverage on the various products we will recommend that you bind coverage with a specific insurer. Policy documents and other documentation will be finalized and issued to you for your records. 

5. Changes: Over time there will be changes to your personal or business circumstances that may warrant revisiting your risk management objectives and plans. It is crucial that any changes in circumstances are communicated to us as quickly as possible so that we can inform your insurer and ensure that there are no gaps in coverage.

6. Re-marketing: Changes in your risk management plan or significant changes in your insurers deductibles, limits, coverage and pricing may lead to a re-marketing process. If circumstances warrant a re-marketing scenario we will contact you directly to advise you of the process and find a more suitable insurance company that meets your goals and objectives while providing a competitive price.

We Want To Talk To You

We are an organization dedicated to customer service. Whether it is in response to an insurance claim or general question, communicating and educating you on risk management is the most important service we offer. We work hard to become your trusted adviser, our only request of our clients is that they make every effort to communicate back to us with changes, questions, concerns and compliments.

Please call us today to begin the process of protecting your families and businesses future or fill out our online quote request form and a broker will contact you directly!