Group Insurance Programs for Business's in Edmonton and all of Alberta

Attracting and retaining employees and key staff has and will be one of the most difficult challenges both now and in the future. With Alberta’s evolving economy and changing work environment and employee supply there has never been a more critical time to develop the best benefits and pension program to help conquer this concern. 

Some options to help attract and retain your employees in Alberta are:

  1. Group Benefits Plans
  2. Group Pension or Retirement Savings Plans
  3. Group Home & Auto Insurance Plans

These programs used to be treated as a commodity and a necessary evil, but now it may be one of the most important decisions for your current and future employees to stay and grow with your company.

We are able to assess your current situation, go over your current and future concerns, and then design a program to help you move forward. Should you already have a program in place, chances are it is not best utilized, maintained or updated. Once in place that’s just the first step. A program must have continuous implementation and monitoring to make sure your business is achieving its goals.

Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. has programs that can be designed for groups as small as 2-10 employees, all the way up to 500+ employees. Once determined the size and scope of your business we will allocate one of our group representatives in your area.  Contact us today for a Free assessment.