Why You Need Group Home and Auto Insurance in Alberta

If you run a business in Alberta with 250 employees or more, it is important to provide them with as many benefits as possible. This is an excellent way to maintain morale and to make sure that you keep some of your best employees. After all, the competition may seek to steal your best people and they may use job benefits like Group Home and Auto Insurance as an added incentive. In fact, that is what happened to our example business we'll call Company A.

Company A was a fairly large company that employed 250 people. They provided plastic parts to the automotive industry and business was very good. However, they had a great deal of competition from Company Z, and A had managed to stay one step ahead of Z for some time. However, one day Company A CEO Fred R, received an urgent message from his human resource manager Charles P.

Charles requested a private meeting and the two men got together right after lunchtime. Charles told Fred that the company had lost 5 excellent employees over the past six months, and the most distressing part of the news was, they had all went to work for Z. Charles did some investigating and found out that Company Z was offering additional benefits to their employees including Group Auto and Home Insurance.

Charles asked Fred to check into the possibilities of offering the benefits of group insurance to their people and Fred agreed. Charles suggested they contact a local insurance brokerage, known for providing outstanding service to businesses. Before long, Company A was offering benefits similar to their competition and this stopped the loss of their best employees.

What Is Group Home and Auto Insurance?

Group insurance is an excellent way to receive coverage on your car and home. This makes it very easy for people in your company or organization to get their insurance and they can save a lot of money in the process.

Who Can Benefit from Group Auto and Home Insurance?

If you are a company or organization with at least 250 employees, you can receive the benefits of group insurance packages. This includes these businesses:

  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Trucking services
  • Sales services
  • Retail chain stores
  • Warehousing services
  • Financial services

What Would A Standard Policy Look Like?

A standard policy would be no different from any other home or auto policy. Your employees can have the basic Auto Insurance required by Alberta law and all the extras they want. Also Home Insurance is available and you can choose coverage options that best suit your needs.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Group Home and Auto Insurance Protection Plan?

  • Cheaper insurance for everyone in the group - large companies have more buying power than small ones and this can get you substantial discounts on your home and car insurance. In fact, the larger the company, the greater the discounts and the discounts can be massive in some cases.
  • Keep your top employees - group car and home insurance gives you another important tool for keeping your workforce intact. If you have competitors, they could have their eyes on your top people and you need to offer the very best job benefits possible.
  • New employees - do you need new people? Offering your job applicants additional employment benefits can only be good for business. It can make the difference between hiring an exceptional worker and losing this person to the competition.
  • Give employees a FREE raise - by having this discount it automatically gives your employees more take home income without costing you the employer a dime.

No Work Or Additional Expenses For Your Company

When you opt for a Group Auto and Home Insurance plan in Alberta from Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd, there is no extra work for you. We take care of all the work and make sure that everything goes smoothly. It is very simple and easy for your people to get insurance for their homes and autos. Plus, you can save even more money when you combine policies and buy both car and home insurance. Here are some of the optional benefits your people will appreciate:

  • Easy member access, no matter where you are in Alberta
  • Toll free number
  • Policy info available online 24 hours a day and seven days a week
  • Free second medical opinion included with property insurance
  • Convenient and easy payment options
  • Outstanding claims service
  • In house insurance sessions - gives your employees the chance to learn all about the program and the enrolment process.
  • Loss prevention seminars

Your Group Auto and Home Insurance plan will benefit your company in many ways. Our dedicated program consultant can create a customized insurance plan for your organization. There is no cost to you at any time.

This is a great way to let your employees know that you care about them. In fact, it is like giving them a pay raise and it does not come out of your operating budget.

Imagine making life a little better and less stressful for you and your employees, and there is no extra work or added costs. Contact Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd today by calling 1-844-669-7284, or by filling out the form on the right and we will contact you.