Home Insurance for Bonnyville and all of Alberta

Bonnyville residents, have you ever been a victim of:

  • Water damage due to a forgotten overflowing bathtub
  • Uplifted roof shingles due to heavy winds
  • Damage caused by a massive hail storm
  • A break and enter to your garden shed, finding your lawnmower and yard tools stolen
  • Being named in a lawsuit

All of these disasters, that have happened in Bonnyville Alberta, could result in a major financial set back for any homeowner. Protecting something as important as your home should never be left to chance. An experienced insurance broker would be able to provide you with information on how to protect your property with an insurer that best meets your needs.

Common home insurance questions:

  • How much should I insure my home for?
  • What qualifies as contents?
  • Why do I need liability coverage?
  • How am I covered in a break and enter?
  • What is overland water protection?
  • ...

As your experienced insurance broker we will be able to provide you with all these answers and any further questions you may have.


Your basic homeowners insurance policy typically includes coverage for the following:

  • Your home
  • Any buildings or structures on your property
  • Additional living expenses
  • All your personal belongings/contents
  • Personal liability coverage

HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE:  Special Features from Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd.

Optional/additional coverages and increased limits can be obtained to include:

  • Replacement cost
  • Increased limits of liability
  • Schedule specific items
  • Sewer back up coverage
  • Available discounts

Bridge Financial Insurance: Your best source for home Insurance advice in Bonnyville Alberta.

At Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. we have protected the citizens of Alberta for over 30 years. We are friends with the people here. We know home insurance. We also understand that what would take you 100 years to pay on an annual homeowners insurance policy, you could be liable for in a five second tragedy.

We provide the most up to date and price compeative products by marketing our clients profiles to the numerous carriers we are partnered with. Ifyour home value has changed, or if you have increased or decreased possessions, if you are concerned about that body of water near you home, or are concerned about flooding please contact us or complete the online quote and we will contact you directly.  Let the professionals at Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. help you protect your home, your family and your future.