Life Insurance for Edmonton and all of Alberta 

Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future and your family's future. It can fulfill promises and obligations to your family if you are no longer living. One way to think about life insurance is to think of yourself as a cash printing machine and if that cash printing machine was to stop forever how would that affect your family and your financial obligations. Some examples of financial obligations at death include: 

  • funeral expenses, 
  • estate taxes or fees, 
  • mortgage payments,
  • credit card or credit line payments,
  • automobile payments,
  • long term savings planning for retirement or children's education,
  • a surviving spouse or dependent will require living expenses 

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Real Life Example: Don't Leave Your Family Exposed

A few years ago a family in Alberta was in discussion about applying for life insurance. Both the husband and wife were in there 40's and they had 4 beautiful children all under the age of 10. The husband and wife had been thinking about life insurance but the husband didn't deem it necessary.

The husband was the income earner with an annual income of approx. $125,000 and the wife was a stay at home mom with no income. This couple decided to go on a trip to British Columbia with their children, but this holiday went horribly wrong when they were involved in an accident. During this accident the husband was killed and leaving behind his wife and children whom all survived. The widow and now single parent was left with no income, no life insurance, and the burden of debt. How was she supposed to move on and care for the children when they were left with nothing? She would potentially be subject to a life of poverty with herself and her 4 children. 

As much as we hate to hear this type of story it happens every day.  This family could have been protected with life insurance with $1,000,000.00 of coverage for less than $50 per month. This would have easily replaced the husbands income as well as taken care of future education for all 4 children and would have given the family hope, time to grieve, and time to plan without worrying about money. Don't let this story be your families! 

Life Insurance: The Basics

  • Term life insurance
  • Permanent life insurance
  • Combination of permanent and term life insurance
  • Guaranteed life insurance
  • Children's life insurance

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Life Insurance: Estate Planning

For business owners life insurance can be used to:

  • ensure the business will have the financial means to pass on to the intended survivor, 
  • pay of business loans or other debts, 
  • be used by the other shareholders to purchase the shares back from the deceased family in the most tax effective way.

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Life Insurance Experts and Experienced

If you would like to find out how much life insurance you require, just click the NEEDS ANALYSIS form link. If you are having trouble completing the NEEDS ANALYSIS form please contact us directly and one of our advisers will walk you through it to completion.

Should you already know how much life insurance you require please complete our quote form or contact us directly to get you started. For some of you that may have life insurance in place and haven't heard from your advisor we are happy to conduct a review to see if you have the proper coverage or protect against escalating costs. Contact us now and we will have one of our advisers contact you shortly. We look forward to helping you understand your life insurance needs!