Pet Insurance for Edmonton and All of Alberta

Providing the care for your pets has never been easier, but sometime financial concerns can show up at crucial times when a pet is injured or becomes ill. Now you can remove these financial concerns by getting insurance coverage for your cat or dog. You are able to select the coverage amount and type you desire.

Accident Coverage

Accidents just happen. With the accident coverage and your pet is injured or has sustained injuries due to an accident your pet is covered. You select the amount of coverage you want in place and set the deductible. Whether you pet gets hit by a car or your child falls on the cat the insurance coverage will take over. When insurance is in place the decision to get help is made easier.

Illness Coverage

Getting ill is just a fact of life, even for your pet. With the illness coverage you are covered no matter what type of illness. If your cat develops diabetes or your dog develops hip dysplasia you are covered.

Test and Medication coverage

When an injury happens or if your pet becomes ill or even becomes hospitalized there may be extra diagnostic tests or medication in which the costs ad up. With the test and medication coverage in place you would be covered.

Dental Coverage

As people we get our dental issues and care completed more often when we have benefits in place. So why would your pet be any different, get the coverage you want and the coverage your pet deserves.

Preventative Care

Our pets become members of the family and to help them live a longer healthier life there are some preventative measures we can take to accomplish this. The preventative care coverage can help reduce the costs and control budgeting for our pet’s health.

Contact us now by completing the pet insurance quote form and one of the pet specialists will contact you directly to explain how the coverages work and the pricing. There is something to fit everyone’s budget. By completing the pet insurance quote form you are eligible to receive your FIRST MONTH FREE!!