Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. Announces Partnership With The Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

September 1, 2016: Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. ("Bridge Financial") is pleased to announce our partnership and financial commitment to the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation ("The Foundation").

"We are very pleased to be associated with such a worthwhile and recognized organization. We look forward to working with the Foundation, its supporters and the community in general in making a difference in the health of the children."
- Douglas Rae, President Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd.


The purpose of Bridge Financial's Give Back Program is to provide Alberta's supporters of The Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation ("The Foundation") with access to great rates on their home and auto insurance while financially supporting the efforts of The Foundation. Just by switching insurance brokers you can start donating to The Foundation on a monthly or annual basis.

"As I was raising my family and building a business I have always wanted to give but sometimes the cash flow was never there to do so. We have found a creative way for Albertan's to support The Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation without negatively affecting their cash flow, it is a great feeling!" 
-Darrel Pendry - VP of Business Development, Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd.

How The Give Back Program Works:

1. Request Home & Auto Quote:

As a supporter of the Foundation you can request a quote by completing the Free Quote submission form on this page or calling 1-844-669-7284. Once completed one of our customer service representatives will contact you to gather all the required information to make sure you are receiving a complete insurance quote with proper coverage's and to take advantage of all available discounts. Our current customers have SAVED UP TO 37% on their home & auto insurance by utilizing one of our four recognized Insurer's. So just by requesting a quote you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your insurance premiums and support The Foundation. See what others have been saying about Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. in our Testimonials page.

2. Become a Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. client:

Once you become a client you will then be registered under the The Foundation's program in our client management system. Your new policy will trigger our system to donate to the Foundation. Bridge Financial will donate 25% of its commission on any newly written policy under the program.  In the event that we are unable to significantly save the client money, just by switching brokers the client will be supporting The Foundation with no additional cash outlay.

3. Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. gives every year:

Once you are a client not only will we answers questions, provide excellent service and advice, we will donate 25% of Bridge's commission every year as long as you maintain your policies with Bridge Financial. Typically Bridge Financial is able to reduce premiums for our clients however even in a scenario where the client experiences zero savings, by writing their insurance policies through Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. a donation will be made directly to the Foundation for the lifetime of the policy and the supporter's relationship with Bridge Financial.

4. Help increase the awareness:

You can help us increase the awareness of this great program by referring your friends and family to us. Check out our Referral program and make sure you include the "Stollery Program" in the email so they to will be registered in the give back program. Lets work together to improve the health of children in Western Canada.

1,000 Clients = $100,000 Annually*

Every 1,000 clients that participate in this program will generate approximately $100,000* of donations to The Foundation each year that the supporter continues to be a client of Bridge Financial.

Imagine that every month or year that the supporter pays their insurance bill they will be helping to improve the lives of children and families from Western Canada.

Profit that is typically left in the hands of large public financial institutions with few or no ties to Northern Alberta, will flow directly to a great organization that supports communities in Northern Alberta and the Northern Territories.

In the current challenging economic environment it is even more important to consider charitable alternatives such as this program.

Start Saving and Start Giving!

Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd. head quartered in Edmonton, is an insurance brokerage providing service to all of Alberta. We believe in helping and contributing to our communities and are continually looking for new ways to support great charitable organizations such as the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation. To get involved and see how you can help this great cause and potentially save up to 37% on your home and auto insurance just request a Free Quote at the top of this page or call 1-844-669-7284. Once we receive your request we will be in touch with you to answer any questions you may have and gather important information to provide you with professional advice and a great quote. We look forward to working with you!

*Actual amount of the donation will be different for everyone and is dependent on the actual insurance policy we put in place. This numbers reflect the average of our personal insurance clients program.